Going To The Show

There is an artists’ co-op gallery, Whidbey Art Gallery, in the town of Langley that displays works by local and others artists. It was established a year before I moved to the island and I have visited it at least once a month since then. As I viewed the artwork that came and went, I thought, “Someday I am going to have my work here.” That someday is finally here- truly a dream come true. I am the guest artist for the month of September 2019 and I have 11 photographs on display.

The journey to my first show has been a journey of self-discovery and has pushed my creative boundaries. Taking photographs has been the fun part but I wasn’t sure about putting myself “out there.” Would people like my work, would they get what I was trying to communicate? Photographers and photos are everywhere- how could I make my work different and exciting? I spent hours going to galleries, looking at websites and talking to artists to see what was getting accepted, winning honors and selling. I had been accepted into local juried art shows and sold a few pieces but I wondered if I could make the jump to have my own show.

Once accepted for my first show, I now had to put together photographs that had a theme and were a cohesive unit. I figured that would be easy because I have hundreds of photos but I didn’t have 4 or 5 similar ones to make a grouping. The photos I selected led to the next challenge- sizing and framing. Standard photo sizes fit into standard frames but my printer software does not print the size I wanted. There were a couple dozen other problems including scratched glass and cut fingers (I can literally say I bled for my art). As is always the case, I didn’t have everything ready until nearly the last minute.

But now everything is there for everyone to see- I made it to the show!

Come meet me on Saturday September 7, 2019, 5:00pm-7:pm at Whidbey Art Gallery, 220 2nd St. Langley, WA across the street from US Bank and to the west of the Star Store parking lot. 

Click on the Gallery and Featured tabs to see the pieces from the show.