Worth a Thousand Words

It is easy to forget that photos can be more than something pretty or inspiring to look at but the most important photos are the ones that tell us when something is wrong inside our bodies. When German physicist Wilhelm Rontgen used X-rays to photograph his wife's hand in 1895, he realized the medical importance of such images. Thanks to him and the early pioneers of this technology, surgeons were able to diagnose and stabilize the broken shoulder and hip I sustained when I came off my horse in February 2020. I also was given a CAT scan that uses X-rays to ensure I didn't have any head or chest injuries. Previously, I have had MRI scans, a type of imaging using magnetic pulses, for other injuries as well as sonograms which use sound waves.

Making my own photographs has been helpful in my recovery from my accident. I recommitted myself to taking at least one photograph a day and that helped motivate me to get outside and walk. At first it was just around my yard, next to the end of the driveway and then the big leap across the street and around the neighborhood. After 2 months I could do a 5 mile hike no problem. I have a new batch of photos that show the detailed beauty of my local stomping, er, limping grounds.

During this difficult and frustrating time of lockdown and uncertainty, I hope you can use the magic of light to heal your wounds, inside and out.